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Our Nursery

Ministars Childcare

Our Nursery

Child’s play is serious learning.

MiniStars Childcare is a private childcare provision accommodating 33 children aged 6 months to 5 years, with a focus on learning through play and utilising the many experiences gained from the wonderful outdoors.

We strive to ensure that your child will learn, develop and be challenged in natural and diverse ways.

We are a childcare provision which is not just a place for your child to be during the day, but a place where your child will be safe, cared for, and will be completely prepared for the move onto big school. Imbedded in our activities is the time to allow children to explore and experiment by playing with high quality resources and equipment.

Providing inclusive childcare is one of our core values and as such we follow the statutory guidance ‘SEND Code of Practice 2015’ to ensure we meet the needs of all children. Through consistent supervision and interaction with the children we ensure that they feel secure enough to try new ways of examining their surroundings, using all of their senses to learn. Children’s creativity develops most productively within a rich learning environment supported by sensitive and responsive adults. An environment that lets them imitate what they see, experiment with ideas and, more importantly, contribute their own ideas, is an environment where they will achieve the best possible outcomes for their age or stage.

Our Nursery

Our Aims

We aim to build, facilitate and sustain positive relationships with our children, their parents and the local community.

Our Mission

Working together to create genuine opportunities for children and parents, to fulfil their hopes, aspirations and dreams.

Our Vision

To promote the well-being of every child to live happy, healthy, safe and rewarding lives.

Our Purpose

To provide the young children placed in our care with a welcoming, safe, secure, enjoyable, happy and stimulating environment,

Dedicated Staff Members

Meet Our Team

Regional Manager: Kirsty Munn

Manager: Sara O’Donnell

Deputy Manager: (Hitchin Road) Maryam Ali

Baby Room Leader: Amber Prince

Baby Room Leader: Scarlet Dumpleton- Gray

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Cultivating Young Minds with Knowledge and Love

Entry to nursery

Before starting at Ministars Childcare we must have received a completed Registration form along with the registration fee and deposit. You must be open and honest about history, safeguarding or development concerns you may have about your children to ensure we can put in early support to help your child reach their full potential.

Home Visit

Once we have received your completed registration form, fee and deposit the nursery will arrange a home visit where possible. Conducting home visits helps to form relationships between parents, practitioners and children; and starts the process of sharing information. It helps to develop a relationship and build trust in a more relaxed environment. After a home visit, parents often feel more confident in approaching a practitioner with comments and questions.

Settling in and Induction

Starting nursery whether on a part time of full time basis is a major change in your child’s life. Every effort is made to ensure a smooth settling in process but, we also understand this can be very unsettling for both you and your child who may not have had any significant time apart. During the settling sessions, your child be assigned a key person. The key person’s role is to help and ensure that every child’s care is tailored to meet their individual needs

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