Settling in

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Our settling in policy

Settling In Policy

We aim to provide both child and parent with a flexible approach at this anxious time, to achieve the best results.

At MiniStars Childcare we recognise every child and family is different and may require different levels of settling in. Practitioners will work in partnership with parents/carers to settle the child into the Nursery environment.  

There will be a visit to the setting so that the child can familiarise him/herself with the Nursery.  During the first few visits, parents/carers will stay with the child for sufficient time so that the child feels settled and the parent/carer feels comfortable about leaving him or her. This arrangement can continue until the child feels at home within the Nursery. At MiniStars Childcare we recognise every child and family is different and may require different levels of settling in.

Any child attending MiniStars for the first time will require both time and understanding to settle into their new environment. Parents also need time to adapt to leaving their child, and to gain confidence in the nursery’s ability to provide appropriate care.

All children are unique.
The amount of time that a child takes to settle into can vary enormously. Therefore, children will be given time to settle in at their own pace, so as to make them feel welcome, safe and confident in a new environment.

During the settling in sessions your child will be assigned a key person.

The key persons role is to help and ensure that every child’s care is tailored to meet their individual needs, to help the child become more familiar with the setting, offer a settled relationship for the child and build relationships with their parents. Please feel free to speak to your child’s Key Person or any other staff member at any time regarding anything at all – if it is important to you it is, it is important to us.

At MiniStars we recognise that parent/carers are their children’s first and most enduring educators.

Forming relationships with parent/carers and working closely is beneficial for each child’s learning and development. It is our policy to visit the children at home before they enter Nursery, where possible. It is additional to our settling in policy provided for all children. During the visit, time is taken to find out about the child’s likes, dislikes and interests, visits are not to judge parent/carers parenting skills, but to offer parent/carers the opportunity to ask questions and gather any information needed from staff to support the transition. Only one home visit per family is usual unless other concerns are raised.

MiniStars does not charge for settling in sessions or home visits.

Settling in sessions usually take place the week before the child is due to start the nursery. For the first few sessions, parents/carers may collect the child early if they so wish.

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